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1000 Corbett St.,  Carson City, NV 89701 (Next door to Distinct Ink Tattoo)
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Here’s what people are saying about!

This goes out to Colton and Colleen:

"When I started out working out at the Boot Camp I had the support of two dear friends that changed their own work out schedules to encourage me to make a change in my life and get healthy. The first two weeks at the Camp my friends were right there by my side encouraging me. It took me three weeks to step foot on the scale after I started working out. It’s been 8 weeks since I started working out at the Boot Camp.

I’m down 13 pounds since I got up the nerve to step on the scales. I’ve lost inches, I feel better, and I have a great support group between my old friends and new friends. I really enjoy the camaraderie with trainers and the people working out at Boot Camp. Thank you all for what you do!"


"I had not participated in a regular exercise program in years, and it showed. Since joining 6weekworkout I actually look forward to exercising. Colleen is fantastic. She is a spitfire dynamo who will keep you motivated and fired up. This is the best thing I have done for myself in years.

-Margie Quirk, Owner, Lone Mountain Veterinary Hospital-

“I have lost inches and weight and feel better than I have in a very long time!”

-Cindy Wilson-

“Colleen’s training rivals Marine Corps Boot camp.”

-Sgt. Furlong, U.S. Marine Corps-

“After training with Colleen, I made the Junior Varsity Soccer team, and ranked one of the top most conditioned players.”

-Ashley Turner-

“I have noticed a huge difference with my body, and Colleen keeps you motivated while keeping it fun.”

-Lynn Frost-

“I finally unlocked my potential, and Colleen was the key.”

-Staff Sgt. Turner, U.S. Marine Corps-

“Because of Colleen, I love coming to the gym.”

-Simone Conner-

“Colleen helps me maintain a positive attitude towards fitness and myself image.”

-Anita Kerr-

“I am back to feeling alive and positive.  Colleen has been a wonderful coach and mentor.”

–Donna Brande Cdr., U.S. Navy, Ret. (lost 19 pounds)-

“Colleen has motivated me and inspired me to maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

-Angela Scheild-

“Colleen is a high energy and innovative trainer!  She has made a tremendous difference in my dedication to physical fitness and truly cares about each client.”

 -Sharon Swanson-

 “Colleen is a wonderful trainer and a beautiful spirit.” (Lost 40 pounds!) –

-Dr. Eugene T. Paslov-

I have been training and teaching fitness for 25 years and I am constantly amazed at Colleen’s enthusiasm, energy, creativity and devotion to fitness. - What a gem!”

-Personal Trainer Terri Snyder-

“My recommendation of Colleen Bannister as a personal trainer is of the highest.  Colleen’s knowledge, energy, and personality reinforce the fact that she should be YOUR personal trainer.”

-Bob Butler-Executive Director, Nevada Beef Council-

Colleen has been the best thing I have ever done for myself.  I have never been stronger or more fit in my life.”

-Jo Kilpatrick-

“Colleen’s Endurance Training is a great alternative to your average workout.”

-Kelly Butorovich-

"Colleen, for the first time in over 15 years I am able to walk up a flight of stairs without losing my breath, my blood pressure is lower, my cholesterol has dropped, and of course my weight has dropped significantly...I can't begin to thank you enough for the quality of life you have given me.  You're an angel."

-Ian Kerr-

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